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The Pivotal Role Asset Location Plays in a Portfolio’s Success

November 09, 2020

When talking about investment portfolios and plans, people tend to only focus on asset allocation. However, people don’t realize that the importance of asset LOCATION is just as important.

Join Michael Reese, CFP and Zach Holcomb for a can’t miss discussion on how you can plan, to not only make sure your investments are allocated properly. But to be sure they are in the right locations as well.

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Five Truths About The Presidential Election, No Matter Who Wins

November 02, 2020

Coronavirus has upended the traditional rhythm of an American presidential election year. 2020 is still an election year, however, and the campaigns will go on. While this election will have a massive impact on our country, one area where we caution investors from drawing too many links is the world of investing.

Join Michael Reese, CFP and Zach Holcomb for an inside look on investing truths no matter who wins this year’s election.

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Mutual Funds Vs ETFs

October 26, 2020

Have you ever been curious about the similarities and differences between Mutual Funds and Exchanged Traded Funds? (MF and ETF)? The truth is that both have a lot in common. There are several key differences, however, that could make one a better option for you than the other.

Join Michael Reese, CFP and Zach Holcomb for a discussion in terms of how they are bought and sold, how their prices change, their fees, commissions and loads, their income tax implications, their holding restrictions, their investment minimums, and more.

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