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Solution… MYGAs?

Today we’re going to talk about solutions that will help keep your assets safe. This is an immediate issue; there are a lot of red flags in today’s economy that indicate a significant recession is on its way. Many corporate executives, including the head of Amazon, have expressed concern about where the market is heading….

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Heath Care in Retirement

As we get older, our dependence on the healthcare system drastically increases. You want to be able to utilize the systems in place, without wasting your entire savings away.

In this episode of Mike on Money, Mike Reese talks about health care in retirement and gives you tips on how to prepare for a prosperous and healthy retirement.

Protect Yourself From Biden’s Tax Hike

President Biden has announced a variety of tax increases, that are supposedly aimed only at the ‘the rich’. Mike explains why this is not true.

Join us on this episode of Retirement Today, where Mike will explain how to protect yourself from Biden’s tax hike, and explain the misconceptions in his recent announcement.

Tax Preparation vs Tax Planning

A lot of people begin the year with recording their taxes from the year prior. This process of recording your past year is not as important as preparing your tax strategy for the year to come.

Mike breaks down tax planning vs tax preparation in this weeks episode of Mike on Money.

Biden’s Tax Plan Explained

In his new series, Mike on Money, Mike explains Biden’s new tax proposal.

Check out Mike on Money on YouTube, where Mike will make your finances simpler.

Our Financial Advising Process

What’s our process? Our financial advising process is simple, and optimized to assist you. Let’s break it down.

Join Zach Holcomb and Michael Reese, CFP, on this week’s Retirement Today, as they breakdown our financial advising process.

Red Flags for Financial Fraud

With the passing of Bernie Madoff, it is critical that we all learn from such a dark mark in financial history. Learning to spot red flags for financial fraud will help us stop more Bernie Madoffs from existing.

Join Michael Reese and Zach Holcomb in this week’s episode, where they will be discussing how to spot red flags for financial fraud.

A Complete Retirement Plan

There are so many moving parts when it comes to planning a complete retirement plan. Is your retirement plan complete or incomplete?

Join Michael Reese, CFP, and Zach Holcomb as they cover this weeks topic, do you have a complete retirement plan?

What is a Fiduciary?

You need to make sure that your financial advisor has your best interests in mind, otherwise, you might not be getting the most value out of their services.

Join Michael Reese, CFP, and Zach Holcomb as they cover this weeks topic, what is a fiduciary?

Life Insurance After Retirement?

Why continue to use life insurance after retirement? There are a lot of tax benefits that most people don’t know about!

Join Zach Holcomb and Michael Reese, CFP as they discuss the reasons why you need life insurance after you retire.

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