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How to Retire and Aim for the Same Standard of Living

I recently read an article that said retirees need 70% or more of their pre-retirement income to feel confident and enjoy their retirement years. Unfortunately, only about 25% of Americans are at that level, and many see a decline in their standard of living in retirement.   What can you do to better your situation…

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Tax Planning to Avoid The IRS

Taxes are inevitable, everyone has to pay taxes. Yet, as guaranteed as taxes are, the rate in which you’ll have to pay them is one of the greatest financial. risks entering retirement.

In this week’s episode of Retirement Today, Mike talks about tax planning to avoid the IRS.

Our Financial Planning Process – Implementation

In the last episode of our series, Mike explains how we work with you throughout the year to implement the plan we made together.

Watch the last episode of The Prosperity Planning System.

How Politicians Lie to Sell Tax Hikes

How do politicians get people to support raising taxes? When they sell as it as a tax on the rich, it sounds a lot better. But is this what they’re doing?

Check out this week’s episode of Retirement Today, where Mike explains how politicians lie to sell tax hikes.

Our Financial Planning Process – Planning

There are many bases we must cover to adequately manage your finances, everything from taxes, to your health situation.

In this stage in the process, we must begin planning for your financial future.

Check out this week’s episode, covering our financial advising process – planning.

Hidden Tax Law Changes

Amongst the new proposed changes to the US tax code are changes to capitol gains and step up in basis.

Learn more about what this means on this week’s episode of Retirement Today.

Our Financial Planning Process – Analysis

After deciding to work together, we must gather your documents and determine your current financial standing, in order to pick the best road forward.

Join us this week, where we discuss the second phase of our financial advising process – analysis.

Biden’s Terrible Tax Plan

Biden has proposed some big changes to the tax code. These changes are sold as ‘taxing the rich’, however, Mike reveals how these changes will impact everyone.

Watch this week’s episode of Retirement Today, where Zach and Mike discuss Biden’s terrible tax plan

Our Financial Planning Process – Discovery

Ever wondered how a fiduciary works? In this new series, we’ll go step by step, and explain our 4 step process for helping clients, serving their retirement needs.

How To Protect Your Wealth

Building your wealth is a common and necessary topic of discussion, however, when it comes to retirement, protecting your wealth is a far more important conversation.

Join Zach and Mike in this week’s episode of Retirement Today, where they discuss how to protect your wealth.

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