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Michael Reese, CFP®, CLU, CHFC, CTS

Michael Reese, CFP®, CLU, CHFC, CTS

Founder & CEO

Michael is the founder of Centennial Advisors, LLC. He is the host of the television show “Retiring Well,” which runs on all four major networks, and the author of “Retiring Well: How to Enjoy Retirement in Any Economy” and “The Big Retirement Lie: Why Traditional Retirement Planning Benefits the IRS More Than You.”

Over the years, Michael has been featured in Kiplinger, U.S. News & World Report and Yahoo Finance, to name a few. He also is a featured speaker at industry events, sharing his knowledge with thousands of financial advisors throughout the country on how they can better help their clients who are in the retirement red zone.

Michael’s focus on serving the needs of those who are retired (or getting close!) came from watching his grandparents retire very comfortably but then lose it all due to poor financial advice.

After seeing his grandparents suffer from that poor advice, he recognized very quickly that traditional financial planning was focused on growth and accumulation. This is great when you are working and trying to grow your savings so you can one day retire. However, retirement represents a fundamental shift in life! It is a time when you should be moving away from a growth and accumulation mindset to one focused on preservation and income. This is the mistake Michael’s grandparents made, and he wants you to learn from that mistake.

Michael lives in Austin with his wife, Becky. They have five children: Sara, Taylor, Brendan, Morgan and Madison. They are also dog lovers, so you will always find at least a couple of them taking charge of the house.

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